Using a Casino Directory - List of Online Casinos?

Just as there are thousands of internet casino rooms out there in operation these days, there are also a large number of sites which profess to list each and every online gambling site - making it easier for you to find the perfect one.

However, we wanted to know whether or not it is actually more beneficial to use an online casino directory - which will link you to a particular casino based on requirements and specifications that you demand, or whether it is simply better to search for a casino on Google or Yahoo, and sign up from there. You might just be surprised with the findings we came up with.

How Casino Lists Work

To understand what we are talking about in this article, it is first necessary to explain how a casino directory works, and why anyone would actually consider using such a site to find the newest playtech casinos.

As the name would suggest, an internet casino is basically a listing of a large number of casinos - sometimes ranked, and sometimes listed with specific criteria, such as deposit minimum, deposit methods, number of table and slot machine games available, whether the casino has a 'live or real play' function, and so on.

From here, a visitor can input their requirements for the 'perfect' online casino, and then view a list of specific recommendations calculated by the website.

Once a suitable selection has been made, the hope is that the visitor will click through on the link on the directory website - and thereby credit the directory as the affiliate or referrer if that person then goes on to sign up and deposit at the casino.

A Little Bit Naughty

Unfortunately, the way most online casino directories work is not exactly the same as the ideal method explained above. More often than not, a directory will have a special deal worked out with special online casinos, whereby they get a higher reward for directing visitors to that casino.

This means that the results you are getting may not actually reflect the best choice based on your requirements, but instead the best choice based on the amount of revenue which is going to the directory site.

Sad but true. So our advice is to think twice before using a casino directory in the future. It may actually be just as good to search yourself, and find something you like.