World Poker Club

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Release date: 19/03/2013

World Poker Club


Both a careful and a passionate player will find perfect stakes and opponents at these tables, as well as gain valuable experience and make new friends.The all-time favourite Texas Hold 'Em and the Omaha are at your service; battles are fought in weekly and Sit-n-Go tournaments, an there are private games played, too. Chips are not the only contested reward: investing Respect received from other players in your own dealer rating helps earn a share of all the table winnings. Too much poker? The Slots can't wait for you to hit the jackpot!World Poker Club rewards good fortune, too: you get awards even for just having a certain card combination on your hands. Progressing from a bronze newbie to a royal title not only brings glory, but a profit, too.Complete themed collections by playing in various rooms and exchange them with other players. Send and receive gifts, visit the game chat and create private tables. Let's play!

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